Four years ago, my life nearly ended. It wasn’t a car accident, but it was just as sudden. I was in pain, then I was in the emergency room, then I was being rushed into surgery. It turns out that I had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured. They told me that if I would have waited a couple more hours to come in, because of the internal bleeding, I would’ve been dead.

There is a lot to this story, of course. But today I am focusing on all the blessings that came to me as a result.

My mother had told me to call the advice nurse. If she hadn’t, I probably would have suffered for those next couple of hours I had left. She saved my life. The advice nurse who told me to go to the hospital because my symptoms were strange, saved my life. The radiologist who did the sonogram, and called in a specialist, saved my life. The specialist, Dr. Henderson, who confirmed my diagnosis from the radiologist and did my emergency surgery, saved my life. Inspiration from God to all of them, saved my life.

It took me quite awhile to come out of the anesthesia. I was in and out. The first time a became conscious was only for a moment. I saw my husband at the foot of my hospital bed. My husband is a strong man, tough and sturdy by all accounts. My rock when I am weak. I have never seen him scared except in that moment, looking at me from the end of my bed, and not knowing I could see him. If he knew I was conscious, I’m sure he would have been strong for me, my rock to lean on. But, just then, the frightened look in his eyes gave me more strength than anything else could have. In that I saw his great love for me, and that gave me the strength I needed.

When I returned home, I was too weak to climb the stairs to my bedroom. So, for about a week I had to sleep downstairs. At this time my husband and I slept on a futon that had a reclining chair section on the end of it. Many times our two year old daughter would come in from her room and sleep there.

The night I was able to make the climb, our daughter slept on the chair. At one point, she rolled over and hugged on to my foot. She had never done that before. Her touch made me tear up. I was so glad to have my beautiful daughter in my life, and to be alive to be with her.


About snow05

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a hard working, hilarious husband and a smart and beautiful daughter. (If I do say so myself). I have a brother and three sisters, and since being married have added five more sisters, and another brother to the list. I like writing and singing in my spare time and an occasional video game. I have two other blogs one for silliness and one for support of woman who've experienced a loss of pregnancy. In this blog, I hope to write the inspiring things I see in life, my faith and love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and their gospel, and the love of my family.

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