Indulge me for a moment. My daughter just finished 1st grade. To me, that is a big deal. Inevitably, someone will now be saying, “Wait until she’s getting married!” Granted, turning seven is still far off from turning 27 or even 17. But, I am a new mom (relatively speaking) and seven is as old as my daughter was gotten so far.

I watched her walk off with her friend on the last day of school. They were chatting as they headed off to class. I could see her then, talking with her friends as she walked into the highschool. So many pressures that lay before her. So many hard choices. Am I preparing her? Will she be ready?

I wish, as many a parent must, there was a way for me to instill in her that she is beautiful and wonderful, that she is a precious daughter of God. I wish there was a way to make her realize how wonderful she is. Undoubtedly, there will be times when she will doubt herself, it seems to be starting earlier and earlier in life.

How can I help her get through those years that can be so difficult? I can try my very best to help her gain her own testimony of Christ.  I pray for her to be able to have the faith to know that even when her tears are hitting her pillow at night (which, unfortunately, I can’t stop from happening) that things will be alright. That she has a Father in Heaven who loves her and knows her heart.

I don’t know exactly how to accomplish this, but I am doing my best. Because, no, I can’t stop those tears. I can’t stop people from being mean, boys from breaking her heart, or regrets in her own decisions. I can’t stop any of those things. I suppose, though I hate to admit it, its a good thing that I cannot stop all those things. Because I would. I would race out there and step in front of each and every boulder that came in her path, but what good would that do her? We all must climb our own boulders, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone.

My little one (and she will always be my little one, no matter how old she gets) will always have someone to help her. Even when her mom can’t be around to smash those boulders to pieces, or to hold her hand, she will always have prayer to turn to the Lord. Someone will always be on her side, and that comforts this “new” mom like nothing else.


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