This is a difficult subject for me to write about, but it is one I have been thinking about a lot lately, and I really feel the need to write it.    I am all for women’s rights. Women should get to choose their career just as men have a choice to do so. They should be able to do so without criticism from the outside world. Women have come a long way in this, in fact we have come so far that it seems we have started to go backwards.

The career I have chosen gets criticism more now than ever before. I choose to stay at home with my daughter. Now, before you stop reading, thinking “oh no, not another blog entry about being a stay at home mom” – hear me out. I understand that there are many women out there in the work force who would like nothing better than to get to stay home with their children. There are many circumstances which prevent women that want to stay home from doing so. That knowledge just makes me more grateful that I am able to do so.

If I can really choose whatever I want to be when I grow up, if I really have the freedom of choice over my life, then I choose this. I want to stay home with my daughter. This is the path that I want to live.  This is my dream job.



About snow05

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a hard working, hilarious husband and a smart and beautiful daughter. (If I do say so myself). I have a brother and three sisters, and since being married have added five more sisters, and another brother to the list. I like writing and singing in my spare time and an occasional video game. I have two other blogs one for silliness and one for support of woman who've experienced a loss of pregnancy. In this blog, I hope to write the inspiring things I see in life, my faith and love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and their gospel, and the love of my family.

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